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Neighborhood News

The Board of Directors would like to announce the appointment of Kevin Johnson as the new San Raphael property manager.
Please be advised that masks are required for clubhouse entry and use of all the facilities.


  1. Guest parking spaces are for guests and only guests- if you are a resident with a decal on your vehicle you need to park in your designated parking space. 
  2. Handicapped parking spaces are only temporary- you may only park your vehicle there for a maximum of 20 minutes while you load or unload.-
  3. Please note that the requirements for soundproofing material when putting in new flooring has been changed from an STC Rating of 48 to an STC Rating of 72.
  4. Charcoal and Gas Grills as well as Fire Pits are not permitted. Electric grills are allowed. (The City of Boynton Beach Fire Code- Section 9.25 states that the use of any type of grill that produces an open flame is prohibited from being used on the balcony, porch or rooftop of any multi-family dwelling with three (3) or more units). 
  5. When entering and exiting the garage, please remember to use the appropriate entry or exit door to prevent any type of accident from occurring.
  6. The driveways to the garage entry points are to be clear, at all times, of all vehicles including moving trucks and  delivery vans.

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Rules & Regulations

Upcoming Events

No Events at this time.


Reminder to All Residents-
The Following Complaints Are Continuously Reported To The Management Office:
  • Barking Dogs (all hours of the day and night)
  • Not Picking Up After Your Pets after they poop and pee in the walkways
  • Speeding In The Parking Garages
  • Loud Noise (vacuums, laundry machines, etc. after 10pm)
  • Flatten boxes before putting into the trash room
  • not wearing the bracelets in the clubhouse and pool areas
Please Be Respectful of Your Surrounding Neighbors.

Useful Info

Management Office: 561-572-0312
Or, you can use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us!
Gilbert Taveras: 561-452-6492
Accurate Plumbing Services: 561-968-0336
Air Conditioning:
Alpha Omega/Roger: 561-603-9328


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